Top Gear Season 9 Episode 1

Series 9, Episode 1 - All Season 9 episodes

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Reviews: Jaguar XKR • Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Features/challenges: Roadworks in 24 hours • Hammond’s Vampire dragster crash aftermath

Guest(s): Jamie Oliver

Original air date: January 28, 2007

Clarkson and May welcome back their colleague Hammond after his near-death experience in the Vampire, before proceeding with business as usual as the trio see if they can improve the duration of road repairs, by taking on the job of resurfacing a stretch of the D5481 (sic)(also named Grafton Lane) near Bidford-on-Avon themselves and completing it within 24 hours rather than a week. But chaos soon ensues, as May’s detours causes traffic mishap, Clarkson’s motivational speeches annoy everyone and there are supply issues with the tarmac. Meanwhile, Clarkson pits the Jaguar XKR against the Aston Martin V8 Vantage on the track to see which is better, chef Jamie Oliver returns to see if he can be faster than fellow chef and rival Gordon Ramsay, and the trio look back to the events leading up to Hammond’s Vampire dragster crash.

Note: This episode was never rebroadcast following its original airing, though the roadworks challenge is available for viewing on YouTube.

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    1. Hey grook. We’d love to be able to, but given limited and expensive server resources at our disposal right now, and relatively little interest in Top Gear USA, it looks like this request is going to be on the back burner. Sorry, man.

  1. Jade Goody, whom Clarkson references in his Stig intro, died of cancer less than two months later. I wonder if Clarkson felt like the biggest ass … in the world.

  2. Jade Goody, whom Clarkson referenced in his Stig intro, died of cancer less than two months later. I wonder if he felt like the biggest dumbass … in the world.

    1. Our apologies. Despite our best efforts, we failed to hold back various attacks on our servers. We only just got it back up now.

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