Top Gear Season 10 Episode 2

Series 10, Episode 2 - All Season 10 episodes

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Reviews: Audi R8 • Porsche 911 Carrera S

Features/challenges: Amphibious Cars Challenge II: (Nissan Navara • Volkswagen Transporter • Triumph Herald)

Guest: Jools Holland

Original air date: October 14, 2007

The presenters find themselves working with amphibious vehicles once again, this time improving on their original designs that they used at Rudyard Lake – May re-uses his original 1962 Triumph Herald sailboat, updated with a collapsible mast and a centreboard keel, Hammond creates another houseboat out of a second 1981 Volkswagen Transporter, now complete with a fibreglass hull and sealant, while Clarkson creates a new powerboat out of a 1996 Nissan Navara, and uses his mistakes from before to improve the design with two lightweight buoyancy “oildrums”. However, the challenge this time is to see if they can use them to cross the English Channel from Dover to France, where they will encounter the busiest shipping lane in the world and choppy waters, amongst other issues. Elsewhere, Clarkson reviews Audi’s first supercar, the Audi R8, before competing in a drag race when Hammond arrives with a Porsche 997 Carrera S, while Jools Holland sees if he can make lap time music in the Lacetti.

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