Top Gear Season 10 Episode 7

Series 10, Episode 8 - All Season 10 episodes

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Reviews: Aston Martin DBS

Features/challenges: £1,200 British Leyland cheap-car challenge: (Rover SD1 • Triumph Dolomite Sprint • Austin Princess)

Guest: Jennifer Saunders

Original air date: November 25, 2007

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of British Leyland, the team find themselves buying a Leyland car with a budget of £1,200 of their own money, and trying to see whether Leyland made a good car. Clarkson thinks it will be his Rover SD1, Hammond believe his Triumph Dolomite Sprint will do it, and May tries to prove that his Princess is the best. In a series of challenges designed to prove their cars are useless, as well as giving them opportunities to recoup the money they’ve spent, the team first visit the former factories the cars were built in, before visiting the MIRA, where they see if their cars can be faster than a Datsun 120Y, can park on a steep hill with the handbrake on, and get messy as they test ride comfort. Then as a final challenge, the boys return to the Top Gear Test Track to drive underwater in their cars, to find out how well built they are and how fast they can be around the track, with one car outshining the lot. Elsewhere, Clarkson reviews the Aston Martin DBS, and Jennifer Saunders looks to see if she can top the leaderboard when she takes a lap in the Lacetti. Jennifer Saunders’ segment was completely removed from Australian editions of this episode, and from Australian DVDs, although her name remains in the credits.

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