Top Gear Season 10 Episode 8

Series 10, Episode 8 - All Season 10 episodes

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Reviews: Vauxhall VXR8

Features/challenges: Renault R25 Formula One Car • Automobile history investigation • GPS satellite self-controlled BMW 330i

Guests: James Blunt • Lewis Hamilton

Original air date: December 2, 2007

Clarkson and May drive around in some very old cars, as they look back at the complex layouts they had before finding the first car that had the control layout that would be a staple in all cars right up to the present. Meanwhile, Hammond attempts to see if he can drive two laps around Stowe Circuit at Silverstone in the Renault R25 Formula One car and discovers just how tough it is, while Clarkson looks over a barn-door engineered Australian car, the Vauxhall VXR8 (a rebadged HSV Clubsport R8), and steps into a driver-less BMW to supervise as he sees if it can do a lap of the track. Finally, James Blunt is the latest star in the Lacetti as he takes on a wet track, while Lewis Hamilton takes the Liana around the track.

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