Top Gear Season 10 Episode 9

Series 10, Episode 9 - All Season 10 episodes

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Reviews: Daihatsu Materia • Ascari A10 • Fiat 500

Features/challenges: Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race • Race: Fiat 500 vs. BMX riders through Budapest

Guest: Keith Allen

Original air date: December 9, 2007

The bio-fuel crop has been harvested, but the presenters discover they’ve got 500 gallons worth of bio-diesel thanks to May buying the wrong seed. To dispose of it, they decide to enter the Britcar 24 hour endurance race at Silverstone Circuit, despite not being experienced with racing, all while using a modified BMW 330d that Hammond and Clarkson worked on. With help from The Stig, the boys find out just how tough an endurance race is as they deal with mechanical problems, trouble with qualifying, tiredness, and an accident that could spell curtains on them making it to the end. Meanwhile, May is in Budapest in the new Fiat 500 to see if he can win a race with some youths on BMX bikes, while Clarkson is told not to test any more supercars for the rest of the series, so he sees how the Daihatsu Materia hatchback is by comparing it to a “close” rival – the new Ascari A10. Finally, Keith Allen faces the wettest day on record (according to the Stig) when he took to the track in the Lacetti.

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