Top Gear Season 11 Episode 6

Series 11, Episode 6 - All Season 11 episodes

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Reviews: Gumpert Apollo • Mitsuoka Orochi • Mitsuoka Galue III

Features/challenges: Showdown: The British (Top Gear) vs. The Germans (D Motor)

Guests: Jay Kay • Sabine Schmitz • Tim Schrick • Carsten van Ryssen

Original air date: July 27, 2008

The Top Gear presenters are representing Britain against the representation from Germany – the presenters of German motoring show D Motor, Sabine Schmitz, Carsten van Ryssen and Tim Schrick. To see who is the best, the two teams compete against each other in a series of challenges on the Zolder circuit in Belgium, including a “double-decker” race and a two-lap race between Britain’s Aston Martin DBRS9 and Germany’s Porsche 997 GT3 Cup. Meanwhile, Hammond is testing out enormous power of the Gumpert Apollo, May reveals what else he did in Japan with his tests of the Mitsuoka Orochi and the Galue, and Jay Kay is in the Lacetti to see if he can beat Simon Cowell for Clarkson’s sake.

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