Top Gear Season 15 Episode 6

Series 15, Episode 6 - All Season 15 episodes

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Reviews: Ferrari 458 Italia

Features/challenges: Old British roadsters for £5,000: (TVR S2 • Lotus Elan • Jensen-Healey)

Guest: Jeff Goldblum

Original air date: August 1, 2010

Clarkson, Hammond and May feel that classic British sports cars are much better than European Hot Hatchbacks, so the producers task them with proving this correct by each buying one and testing them in a series of challenges – Clarkson seeks to prove his Jensen-Healey he bought will be good, May buys a TVR S2 to show the producers they were right, and Hammond purchases a Lotus M100 Elan to take on this task. On a journey to the sites of the factories where each car were built, the presenters each try to achieve a fast lap in their car, perform a ‘safety test’, see how waterproof their cars are, and visit a garden centre to find something to fit in their cars. Elsewhere, Clarkson reviews the new Ferrari 458 Italia on the track, while Hollywood actor, Jeff Goldblum, is on the track to drive fast in the Kia Cee’d.

Note: This was Ben Collins’ final appearance as The Stig; he was axed from the show after the BBC decided to not renew his contract, following a legal dispute between the two parties over Collins’ autobiography.

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