Top Gear Season 16 Special Episode 1

East Coast Road Trip - All Season 16 episodes

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Features: Road Trip across USA: (Ferrari 458 Italia • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG • Porsche 911 GT3 RS)

Original air date: December 21, 2010

Clarkson, Hammond and May head to the United States to see if the Blue Ridge Parkway is the best driving road in the world than the Transfăgărăşan, each taking with them a car they feel will be perfect for this task – Clarkson brings with him a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, May opts to take a Ferrari 458 Italia, and Hammond, predictably, goes for a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. But upon finding that there are extensive speed limits on the Parkway that make it impossible to enjoy the road with their cars, the trio opt for a different plan, and head off on a road trip along the East Coast, starting in North Carolina. On their trip, the trio visit North Wilkesboro Speedway and get permission from the mayor of North Wilkesboro to race on the former NASCAR circuit, stay at a chalet for the night overlooking the Virginia International Raceway before taking their cars around the circuit, and take part in a drive-by shooting challenge with a special set of targets. Heading north, the boys make their way to their final destination – New York City – where there is a three-way race through Manhattan to see who will land a spot on an American TV show. Meanwhile in the studio, the boys take a look through some interesting toys, while director Danny Boyle discusses his upcoming film 127 Hours before seeing how he fared in the reasonably priced car.

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