Top Gear Season 18 Special Episode 1

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Features: India Special: (Jaguar XJS • Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow • Mini Cooper)

Original air date: December 28, 2011

Seeking to help encourage trade with India, despite (the then) British Prime Minister David Cameron wishing they won’t, the boys head out and see if they can promote British goods to the Indian public, each taking with them a British car that they hope will help with the job – May chose the luxury of a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Clarkson opts for the stylish Jaguar XJS, and Hammond takes the classic Mini Cooper. On their “trade mission”, the presenters attempt to speed up Dabbawala delivery in Mumbai with little success, bring motorsports to Jaipur with a hill-climbing event, host an ambitious but rubbish trade fair in Delhi, before modifying their cars for a trek up into the mountainous, Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh and their final destination of Shipki La.

Note: For the end credits, each crew members name was altered with an Indian Cuisine theme to them. In addition, the cars were originally left on a plinth in the mountains at the end of the special, but on the first episode of the series, it was revealed by the presenters that they had been removed for legal reasons after filming had been completed.

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    I love this site. Great quality and truely free. But i have a problem. Since the update of the site. All the videos started buffering constantly. So much so that it is unwatchable.
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    1. Hey Tj! Yeah, we’ve noticed that a few videos aren’t loading as well as we had hoped given the big update. We just finished uploading videos for previously missing episodes, and we’re now getting ready to re-encode and upload these poorly-buffered videos. Thanks for your appreciation and patience, though!

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    1. Our apologies. Despite our best efforts, we failed to hold back various attacks on our servers. We only just got it back up now.

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