Top Gear Season 21 Special Episode

Burma Special part 2 - All Season 21 episodes

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Features: Build a bridge over the River Kwai: (Isuzu TX • Isuzu TX • Hino FB110)

Original air date: March 16, 2014

The trio continue heading onwards to the River Kwai after finally refuelling and getting Hammond back after an accident with a horse. In the second part of their journey, the trio enter the Shan State, a region with no modern amenities or hospitals, but just beautiful surroundings, where they are invited to a party by the two factions that have fought a civil war in the region and enjoy local delicacies and drinks, and dancing. After the party, the trio continue their journey for Burma’s border with Thailand, dealing with steep, winding roads, before finally crossing into Thailand and making their way to what they think is the River Kwai (but which they later discover is the River Kok). Finally at their end point, the trio discover they must cross the river, so set to work building a sturdy bridge with some extra vehicles and hands being brought in, before attempting to cross it with their lorries to fully end their trip.

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