Top Gear Season 22 Special Episode

Patagonia Special part 2 - All Season 22 episodes

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Features: Drive from Bariloche to Ushuaia: (Porsche 928 GT • Lotus Esprit V8 • Ford Mustang Mach 1)

Original air date: December 28, 2014

The trio continue heading southwards for Ushuaia, as they make their way through Chile. In the second part, Clarkson resumes his leadership of the group after reclaiming it from Hammond. He soon becomes bored and decides to have some fun by recreating a (poor) facsimile of the Imola racetrack on a dry lake bed for the trio to race on, only for some damage to be caused. The group then have to find their way back to the road, before a locked gate leads them to search for a means to get through it and a deja vu moment with some horses. After gathering supplies for a match of car football being set up at Ushuaia, and modifying their cars before taking a ferry to reach the next leg of their journey, the trio attempt to get across a beach before the rising tide catches them out, navigate a mountain pass of snow and ice, and attempt to cross a river with the use of a ferry service and a bulldozer. Finally, the presenters reveal what happened to them, their film crew and their cars when they learnt of a protest being formed ahead of them at the city, and the events that soon happened when they stopped at a hotel after discussions to ease the tension fell apart.

Note: For the end credits for the second part, in homage to Robert Leroy Parker (famously known as Butch Cassidy), each member of the cast and crew had their first name replaced by the words “Robert Leroy” (e.g. “Robert Leroy Clarkson”, “Robert Leroy Hammond”, “Robert Leroy May”, etc.).

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