Top Gear Season 22 Episode 8

Series 22, Episode 8 - All Season 22 episodes

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Features: Find a cheap car that still lives up to the title of classic: (Fiat 124 Spider • Peugeot 304 S Cabriolet • MGB GT) • Living the sports utility vehicle lifestyle for less than £250: (Vauxhall Frontera Sport RS • Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin • Jeep Cherokee)

Original air date: June 28, 2015

In a special edition episode, Top Gear hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, mark the end of the era hosting the show alongside their absent colleague, Jeremy Clarkson, by showing off the remaining two films they had done. In the first film, due to rocketing classic car prices, the trio are told by the producers to each buy an affordable car and live like classic car enthusiasts while seeing which of their choices is the best – Hammond believes his choice of the MGB GT will be best, Clarkson attempts to prove that it will be his Fiat 124 Sport Spider that will win, while May seeks to show his Peugeot 304 S Cabriolet will come out on top. After spending six months modifying and improving their cars, the trio head out for some challenges, where they accidentally end up at Japfest in Wiltshire and do some drifting, set fast laps around the Castle Combe Circuit, visit the town of Stow-on-the-Wold, and finally reach a Classic Car event at an airfield, where the host whose car broke down the least winning a “special prize”.

In the second film, with experts predicting over half of all vehicles sold will be SUVs and the cheapest and smallest of these starting at £25,000, the producers send the trio off to buy a second-hand sporty 4×4 SUV with very high mileage, on a budget of £250, and see who got the best deal – May attempts to show he found a good one in a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin, Hammond sets out to show that his Jeep Cherokee will be better than the other two, and Clarkson believes his Vauxhall Frontera Sport RS is the best bargain of the three. Arriving at the Rutland Activity Centre, the trio head for “Top Gear’s secret lifestyle test track” for a series of challenges, where they attempt to pass a snow “inclines” test, race around an oval test track with “ballast” (in the form of caravans) against each other and the Stig’s ‘Leisure Activity Cousin’, as he drives around in a Kia Sportage with a caravan, compete in a “0-60-0” challenge against each other without plunging into muddy water, modify their SUVs to reflect an active lifestyle, do some boating at a pond, and do a safety test on their SUVs by rolling them down a hill. For one final challenge, the trio head for the Yorkshire Moors in dinner jackets and find themselves in an off-road race against each other over a distance of 5 miles (8.0 km), to reach the finish line at Broughton Hall, with the loser having to do an after-dinner speech for the North Yorkshire Carbon Management and Sustainability Trust.

Note: This was the final appearance of Richard Hammond and James May; both presenters ended the show with “Goodbye” and not “Good Night”. Jeremy Clarkson is credited as a Presenter for this episode, but only features in the two films of the episode; he is absent in the studio segments, and his absence is symbolised by an elephant model in the background called “Jeremy”. The end credits for this episode were not accompanied by the show’s theme tune, nor any other form of music.

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